As I jumped off the airship, it exploded over the barren wasteland where it once stood. I
fell into the nearby rust-coloured water, shrapnel crashing all around me. As I plunged
downwards, falling into a spiral of chaos, a piece of debris sliced into my hand and another
pierced my forehead. The bomb wasn’t meant to detonate so soon, the resistance must have
botched the timer. At least we managed to destroy the mechs being produced. The mechs were
engineered to be near indestructible, making the rich and powerful have more power than any
man should have. One feeble attempt at freedom for the billions of malnourished men being held
I drifted throughout the ocean, at times regaining my consciousness, but unable to move.
It was a strange sensation, being trapped in my shattered mind. Each time I opened my eyes, all I
saw was the ashen sky, tarnished from the negligence of those before us. After seeing the same
image, again and again, I finally opened my eyes to a glaring light and a faint face examining
me. These fragments of my vision slowly became more clear and I became more aware of where
I was. I was in a resistance hospital, somewhere in Canada, being tended to by different people
every time I mustered enough strength to observe my surroundings. It was a small hospital, run
by people, unlike those used by the warlords.
After what felt like a lifetime, I got up and found out more about where I was. The year
was 2169, I had somehow survived for the last 8 years without any life support until I reached
the hospital. The nurses here nurtured me back to health and fitted me with a cybernetic hand,
just like our enemies. To them, I was known as the last resistance fighter, Frank Myers. Since
then, the resistance had slowly disintegrated until it was little more than a myth. But now it’s all
going to change.

By Mehtab Dhillon – Grade 12

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